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Specializing in ferroalloy submerged arc furnace and steel arc furnace, refining furnace equipment research and development, design, production, installation commissioning services.
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Xi'an Grand Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. has always been to science and technology innovation as the leading, to create customer value as their responsibility, is committed to the continuous exploration of new technology research and the endless creation of enterprises to high-quality quality and service to meet the old and new Users of metallurgical equipment, reliability, advanced needs. The company passed the ISO9001 quality management certification system, the quality of consciousness throughout the design, development, manufacturing, installation, service and other links.

The product types include: ferroalloy submerged arc furnace, ferroalloy refining furnace (including: medium and low carbon ferromanganese furnace, low carbon carbon iron furnace, etc.), steel arc furnace, LF ladle refining furnace and VD / VOD vacuum refining furnace, Equipment and solid waste furnace and various types of dust removal system, all kinds of non-standard equipment, all kinds of electric furnace accessories.

The pursuit of excellence, pioneering and innovative; customer first, adhere to the integrity of the company's philosophy.

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